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Get Medical Marijuana in Texas

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Dispensary Access

Obtain access to your local dispensary's products within 24 hours of your initial evaluation at Texas 420 Doctors. Experience affordable, lightning-fast service, delivered simply, privately, and securely.

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Marijuana Prescription

After your initial evaluation with us, you’ll receive an open prescription, valid for a year, to purchase medical cannabis in Texas. This includes everything you need to make your purchase, with no hidden fees.

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Secure Online Appointment

Our HIPAA-compliant medical cannabis software provides every patient with the highest level of privacy and security. Get taken care of 100% online!

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Cannabis Consultations

Consult and follow up with our board-certified physicians to understand which kind of medical cannabis and route of administration is best suited for your body, condition(s), symptoms, and lifestyle.

Shop Supplementary Products

At Texas 420 Doctors, we stock a range of Delta-8 and CBD products. These are supplementary, nonprescription products, sourced from 100% natural, American-grown hemp, and physician approved for safety.

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We offer discounts for active and retired service members, seniors 65 years and older.


Texas 420 Doctors makes it fast and easy to get your approval, prescriptions and medication


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Texas 420 Doctors is a fully-licensed and certified MMJ provider

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Every one of our physicians is board-certified and registered with CURT, ensuring you receive the highest level of care and advice.

Get quick and easy approvals and open prescriptions, valid for 12 months, to buy medical cannabis in Texas.

Our staff is friendly and courteous, ensuring all your questions or concerns about MMJ are answered before you leave and throughout your ongoing care.

Our services are very affordable and accessible. As a patient, you also enjoy a 10% discount on our in-house supplementary cannabis products.


Very professional and friendly doctor. I got great service and support from the office before, and after my appointments.

Edward C., Dallas
My cousin referred me to Texas 420 Doctors after she went though the process. I was impressed with how specific this medicine can get and the knowledge of the staff. I had a great experience and I highly recommend this company.

Matthew S., Houston
Wonderful group of doctors. I have always been skeptical of cannabis as medicine but after speaking with the patient coordinators at Texas 420 Doctors, my mind was put at ease and I have started my treatment plan with great results.

Kendall R., San Antonio

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Unbeatable Medical card prices

$299/year + 10% off all Cannabis Products

Our service offers you a host of benefits. It covers your initial consultation with a doctor as well as follow-ups for the year. You’ll receive an open prescription to buy medical cannabis in Texas and a signed approval letter from your doctor stating that you are under his care, just in case you are ever confronted by law enforcement. The price also includes profile creation within CURT and dispensary recommendations for 365 days.
Additionally, you will receive 10% off of all of our Delta-8 THC products.


Want to Learn More About Medical Marijuana?

Is medical marijuana in Texas legit?
Yes! The Compassionate Use Program of Texas has helped thousands of patients seeking natural relief since 2015. All Texas 420 Doctors physicians are board certified and have an active standing with the CURT program.
Who is eligible for medical marijuana in Texas?
Patients with qualifying conditions as per Texas state law. As of June 2021, that includes: PTSD, Cancer, Epilepsy, Autism,ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, Spasticity, Dementia, Parkinsons,A Seizure Disorder, and Any Incurable Neurodegenerative Disease.
Who can prescribe medical marijuana in Texas?
Only a board certified physician who has registered with the CURT (Compassionate Use Registry of Texas) can prescribe or recommend medical cannabis in the state of Texas.
Can a doctor prescribe medical marijuana for back pain?
Chronic, non-Malignant pain is not yet a qualifying condition. However, you may join our waiting list for an approval as soon as it becomes a qualifying condition!
How do I get my prescribed Texas medical marijuana products?
All dispensaries provide state wide delivery services. Designated pickup locations are also available with select dispensaries.
What types of medical marijuanas are available in Texas?
Every route of administration can be accessed. Legally operating dispensaries continuously release new medication and products. We provide additional products to assist you in getting the most effective treatment.
What are the advantages of having a medical card for marijuana in Texas?
The Department of Public Safety does not currently issue medical cards. After your evaluation, if you qualify, our office will provide you with a signed approval letter from your physician to present to any member of law enforcement. This approval letter gives you lawful protection while using your medicine.
Can I own a gun if I have a medical marijuana prescription?
Yes. You can own a gun and be a medical cannabis patient. Being a medical cannabis patient in Texas does not mean you lose your rights to bear arms.
Can I travel with my prescribed medical marijuana product?
Yes and no. TSA has publicly confirmed that they are not searching for your cannabis or medication. However, it is always best to check with your airline and associated state of travel for respective laws before traveling. Marijuana is still federally illegal, and it is a federal crime to transport it across state lines.

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