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Thank you for choosing Texas 420 Doctors as your partner in accessing medical cannabis. We’re proud to help thousands of medical marijuana patients in Texas quickly and safely obtain their medicine. As one of the leading MMJ services providers in the state, it’s important to us that you get the most out of your cannabis routine. 

Learn more about the benefits your yearly treatment plan provides, details on renewing your medical card, as well as answers to commonly asked questions.


What’s Included in Your $299 Yearly Treatment Plan?

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    Initial Consultation

    Your membership cost includes the upfront payment made towards your initial evaluation with a board-certified physician.

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    Follow-up Consultations

    As one of our medical marijuana patients, if you’d like to make any changes to your treatment plan or discuss the effects of your cannabis routine, you can reach out to one of our coordinators. They’ll connect you to a specialist who can address your questions or concerns. If you need to speak with your physician again, they’ll set up a follow-up consultation.

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    Dispensary Recommendations

    You’ll receive an open prescription, valid for a year, that enables you to legally buy medical cannabis online from your preferred Texas dispensary. If you have questions about the different medications available at dispensaries, such as the right THC and CBD ratios, talk to one of our coordinators. They’ll connect you to a specialist who can help you buy the right product.

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    Signed Letter of Approval

    Texas doesn’t issue physical medical cards to MMJ users. Instead, you’ll receive a signed authorization letter from your doctor declaring that you have a qualifying condition and have been deemed eligible to buy medical cannabis in Texas. All of our medical marijuana patients are provided this letter as proof of eligibility if they’re ever confronted by law enforcement.

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    Profile Creation Within CURT

    Your physician created a profile for you within the CURT registry when you signed on with us. This gets updated with any changes you make to your treatment plan.

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    Virtual Cannabis Education

    As a medical marijuana patient with us, you receive a comprehensive Cannabis 101 Guide, which provides information on different cannabis compounds and strains as well as generic dosing information you may find useful. You can also access regular updates on our blog, featuring breaking news around medical cannabis legality, studies, and useful information about medical marijuana in general.

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    10% Off on Texas 420 Doctors Cannabis Products

    All our medical marijuana patients receive a 10% discount on our non-prescription CBD and Delta-8 products.

Renew Your Membership for Just $249!

Renewing your medical card is easy! Simply contact us to schedule another follow-up consultation with your doctor. You’ll receive an updated prescription along with any necessary changes to your recommendations.

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