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Why Choose Texas 420 Doctors?

Texas 420 Doctors specializes in holistic and medical cannabis health care. Education, specially-designed treatment plans, pharmaceutical-grade CBD & Delta-8 THC Products, and continuing patient care are just a few reasons Texas 420 doctors is leading the industry here in Texas. Our NO HIDDEN FEES policy saves our customers money while providing them with the most value, results and relief. Your wellness is and always will be our priority.

About Texas 420 Doctors

From the beginning, our founders at Texas 420 Doctors have dedicated themselves to advocating, educating, and recommending Medical Cannabis to patients across the United States. Our experience and unwavering standard for excellence has allowed us to profoundly better the lives of our patients and communities through this life-changing medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover medical marijuana evaluations?
No insurance company can't legally cover any medical cannabis expenses. There is no billing code for this.
How much is the consultation and what is included?
We are the only company to offer an all-inclusive no hidden fees treatment plan. Your consultation includes:
· Initial doctors consultation
· Any follow-ups within a year
· Your approval letter (this is what takes the place of a physical card).
· All prescriptions to dispensaries that allow you to purchase products.
· 10% of all our High THC Products (Vape Pens, Tinctures, and Gummies).
Does my condition qualify?
Depending on the root of your condition, you may qualify. (This currently excludes PTSD, Anxiety and Chronic Pain unless for veterans.) The doctor ultimately makes the final call. It is a risk free evaluation so there is nothing to lose!
Are there any dispensaries Here in Texas?
Yes. There are 3 legally licensed dispensaries here in Texas. (Compassionate Cultivation, Surterra Wellness/Goodblend and Fluent Cannabis.)
Is your company/doctors office located in Texas?
Yes. We are located in Texas and have team members from all parts of the US. Most of us have been working remotely since the COVID-19 pandemic started.
How strong is the medication at the dispensaries?
The medication at each dispensary varies. There are high CBD and Low THC with different ratios. This is also why our office provides High THC products to our patients.
Is there a smokable flower, available at the dispensaries?
No. As it stands, there is no smokable flower available at the dispensaries. We are hoping this changes soon.
How do I order the Delta-8 THC products from your office? Online?
All orders are placed directly with one of our Patient Care Coordinators such as myself. (All orders will be shipped priority mail and typically take 3-4 business days to arrive.)
What is Delta-8 THC?
Delta-8 THC is one of hundreds of naturally occurring cannabinoids in cannabis, It appears in very small doses, which is why it must be extracted and concentrated into oils, edibles, tinctures, and other concentrates. The only difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC is where the bond or the THC is located within the molecular structure of the plant and the amount present in a regular cannabis plant.
What is a cannabinoid?
A cannabinoid is a molecular compound that makes up cannabis. CBD CBG CBN delta-9, delta-8 are all cannabinoids. There are at least 144 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, exhibiting varied effects.
How is Delta-8 THC made?
Using a regular hemp flower Delta-8 is isolated and extracted using a distillation process, similarly to how Delta-9 and CBD are isolated to create oils. Through the distillation process the concentrations of delta-8 THC can reach up to 99%.
Is Delta-8 THC legal?
Yes, per the 2018 US Farm bill Delta-8 THC is fully legal in Texas and most other states!

What Services Are Available?

With you every step of the way will be one of our expert patient care coordinators. They will be your resource as you begin and continue to receive the healing benefits of your MMJ treatment.

We will be keeping you informed on all new breakthroughs, program updates, legislation changes and product releases. We will also be hosting virtual community round table meetings and educational seminars to help each of our fellow Texans in getting the most from this wonderful plant.