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Gummies | Berry Wedges | 1250mg (THC)
Sativa Disposable Vape Cartridge | Delta-10 | Prickly Pineapple | 920mg (THC)
Indica Disposable Vape Cartridge | Delta-10 | Berries and Cream | 920mg (THC)
Hybrid Disposable Vape Cartridge | Delta-10 | Girl Scout Cookie | 920mg (THC)
Infused Gummies | Assorted Flavors | 300mg (THC)
Battery for Vape Cartridge | Silver
CBD Full Spectrum Tincture | 1,000mg
CBG Full Spectrum Sour Gummy Bears | 600mg
Tincture | Mango | 600mg (THC)
CBD Full Spectrum Gummy Bears | 900mg
Tincture | Mango | 1,200mg (THC)
CBD Muscle and Joint Cream | 1,000mg
Hybrid Vape Cartridge | Gelato | 920mg (THC)
Deluxe Pre-Roll | 50mg (THC)
Hybrid Vape Cartridge | Blue Dream | 920mg (THC)
Sativa Vape Cartridge | Green Crack | 920mg (THC)
Tincture | Strawberry Shortcake | 600mg (THC)
Battery for Vape Cartridge | Black
Sample Gummies | Assorted Flavors | 50mg (THC)
CBD Muscle and Joint Cream | 500mg
Tincture | Strawberry Shortcake | 1,200mg (THC)
Hybrid Moon Rocks | Wedding Cake | 760mg (THC)
CBG Full Spectrum Tincture | 1,000mg
Indica Moon Rocks | Watermelon Zittles | 760mg (THC)
Softgels | 750mg (THC)
Premium Pre Rolls | 50mg (THC)
Hybrid Vape Cartridge | Wedding Cake | 920mg (THC)
Gummies | Watermelon Slices | 750mg (THC)
Gummies | Peach Rings | 750mg (THC)
Sativa Moon Rocks | Golden Pineapple | 760mg (THC)
Indica Vape Cartridge | Watermelon Zittles | 920mg (THC)
Infused Gummies | Assorted Flavors | 600mg (THC)
Hybrid Vape Cartridge | Apple Fritter | 920mg (THC)
Indica Vape Cartridge | Northern Lights | 920mg (THC)
Sativa Vape Cartridge | Strawberry Lemonade | 920mg (THC)
Hybrid Vape Cartridge | Banana Kush | 920mg (THC)
Indica Vape Cartridge | Grandaddy Purple | 920mg (THC)
Sativa Vape Cartridge | Sour Diesel | 920mg (THC)