Find Texas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near You

While medical marijuana has been legal in Texas for a while now, it doesn’t mean that you can buy it from any regular pharmacy. Specialized medical marijuana dispensaries in Texas have been established so patients can legally and efficiently purchase medical cannabis according to their prescriptions.

Where to buy medical cannabis in Texas is a common question most first-time patients or new residents can have, and Texas 420 Doctors is here to help. Dispensaries in Texas are highly regulated and must follow specific guidelines to ensure that safe, effective, and legal products are sold to eligible patients. If your physician has issued you a medical marijuana prescription, here are some locations of recommended dispensaries.


For Austin residents, there are three options available for nearby medical marijuana dispensaries. Both Goodblend and Texas Original have dispensaries in the area, and depending on your neighborhood, you can choose the one most convenient for your needs. For Goodblend, the dispensary is pick-up only in Austin, open on Friday and Saturday. You can shop from their catalog directly from the website.

Goodblend has another dispensary in South Austin, which is the first original Goodblend location. It is open on all days except Sunday. Texas Original is open on all days except Sunday in South Austin, and they operate from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. You can find their medication directly on the website.


Goodblend has a medical marijuana dispensary location near Dallas. The site is only available for pick-up, so you will need to look online or contact them beforehand to ensure that they have your prescription ready. Pick-up hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 11 am to 3 pm. From topical creams to edibles, they have a variety of options available for your preferences and requirements.

East Texas - Nacogdoches

With only a Goodblend pick-up dispensary available in Nacogdoches, residents in East Texas can get their medical marijuana every other Wednesday. The location is close to Memorial Hospital, and for those looking for a medical marijuana dispensary nearby, this is ideal.

Fort Worth

Open only on Thursdays, the Goodblend pick-up dispensary in Fort Worth requires prior scheduling to ensure that your medical marijuana is available on the day you come for pick-up. The pick-up location provides a wide range of medical cannabis products.


You can also buy Texas medical cannabis at the pick-up at the Goodblend partner clinic in Frisco. It has a weekly pick-up schedule and is open on Tuesdays. This Texas medical marijuana dispensary is near The Colony, Plano, and the greater North Dallas metro, making it accessible for residents in and around these areas as well.


In Houston, there are a few options available in different locations for medical marijuana dispensaries. Fluent operates in Houston, and will be soon available for the Greater Houston area as well. Their medicinal marijuana consists of CBD, THC, and blend gels.

You can also find Goodblend in Houston, available for weekly pick-ups on Thursdays. They also have another dispensary in West Houston, open on Tuesdays. Texas Original is also available in Houston, with pick-up available from Tuesday to Saturday. You can also reach all of these dispensaries by calling them and inquiring about what they have in stock.

San Antonio

Goodblend provides pick-up services in Balcones Heights, San Antonio at the intersection of I-410 and I-10. Goodblend also has another location in University Heights where you can buy medical cannabis in San Antonio.

Wichita Falls

Open every other Wednesday, this Goodblend pick-up medical marijuana dispensary is near the United Regional Hospital. Their hours are every other Wednesday, 10 am - 1 pm.


  • Can I order cannabis online and have it delivered?

    In most cases, yes, you can arrange for a home delivery. Call the nearest dispensary to see if your location is eligible for delivery. There is usually a minimum order to avoid a delivery charge, and you will need to sign for the package and show your valid government-issued ID.

  • Where can you get a medical marijuana card in Texas?

    If you are a resident of Texas, you can qualify for a medical marijuana card in Texas provided that you have a pre-existing condition under the Compassionate Use Program. After discussing your condition with a medical marijuana doctor, the physician will write you a prescription and enroll you in the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. 

  • How do I schedule an appointment?

    First, you will need to check if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Texas. You can schedule an appointment with Texas 420 Doctors to begin with the next steps once you have checked your eligibility. Call us at 833-420-1710 or email us at We have bilingual staff available to consult with you in English or Spanish.

  • Which other medical marijuana dispensaries operate in Texas?

    Currently, there are only three licensed medical marijuana businesses in Texas, and ensuring that you know where to buy medical cannabis in Texas is crucial for your health.

Meet Your Needs with Texas 420 Doctors

Texas 420 Doctors is one of the few fully licensed and certified medical marijuana service providers in Texas. When you are looking for Texas marijuana dispensaries near you, we can help you find the best fit for your needs. We provide same-day expedited flex appointments to ensure that the process is convenient and hassle-free for you.

With Texas 420 Doctors, care and guidance don’t end after your initial consultation. We provide a holistic and comprehensive package that enables you to get follow-up appointments up to one year after receiving your medical marijuana card in Texas. Get personalized care that caters to your medical marijuana needs with us today. Call us at 833-420-1710 or email us at to get started.

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