The Science Behind Cannabis and Creativity

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While we may not always jump out of the bathtub screaming “Eureka!” like Archimedes, we often feel a similar excitement wherever we get a stroke of inspiration. Creativity opens people up to new possibilities which they may not have considered before, and some people claim to take hemp-derived products like CBD for this reason. But is there a link between cannabis and creativity? Here’s what the evidence says.

The Brain vs. The Mind

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, but the mind is something abstract—it’s the unseen faculties that lead to all conscious and subconscious thought. Neuroscientists work to map the abstract creative mind onto observable, physical phenomena in the brain, but even still, there’s a lot we don’t yet understand.

Some people claim that cannabis, both THC and CBD, is effective in boosting creativity. But when research scientists ask, does cannabis make you creative?, the short answer is no. But that’s not to say that cannabis doesn’t inspire creativity. It’s a small distinction that requires a closer look at cannabis and its relationship to creativity.

The Physical Data

It’s true that the psychotropic effects of THC shift an individual’s perspective. This chemical shift causes many people to feel more connected to the world they experience. Based on this chemical knowledge of THC and its physical effects on the brain, it's easy to see why people think that cannabis plays a role in creativity. But research into the matter has determined that cannabis affects the perception of creativity, meaning that users may identify themselves as more creative even if they can’t empirically prove that statement.

Cannabis, primarily marijuana, induces an overall sense of connectivity to the world. It enhances a sense of well-being, which naturally causes people to be more open to being creative while using cannabis. This is how cannabis and creativity work hand in hand. From a data-driven research perspective, it’s not actually the cannabis that induces creativity; it’s the state of mind that cannabis induces which allows people to perceive, and seize, the opportunity for creative endeavors.

Another Scientific Perspective

Since the time of Isaac Newton, Western Civilization has revered data-driven research. Yet most scientists will admit that this perspective is only half of the story. These carefully controlled studies, while valuable in making generalizations about larger populations, do not account for how the individual experiences cannabis and creativity. Different patients will experience a boost from CBD or find that their unique biochemistry reacts with cannabis in a particular way that may lead those individuals to feel an increase in creativity. As is the case with any medicine, not every person feels the same effects. That’s why qualified medical supervision is so important whenever a person starts a new treatment regimen.

To offer an analogy, two people may try the same new food, and one enjoys it while the other finds it unappealing. The food is the same, but the mind’s perception—and even the physical reaction in the body—can differ from one person to another.

Individual Experiences

There is qualitative research to support that experiencing creativity is dependent on a variety of material phenomena surrounding the individual. But even more generally speaking, there is a personality type that is more likely to be creative. While it is true that the sense of inspiration can come from altering the mind, it doesn’t always amount to quality. Research surrounding entrepreneurs shows that cannabis can draw out this creativity. The results, however, while original, aren’t necessarily feasible. This is where the question needs some definition. Does cannabis make you creative if the ideas amount to nothing more than a strange dream, offering no feasible solution to a real-world problem? Many stimuli could affect the mind similarly.

In addition to cannabis, creativity can also be inspired by changing location, adding or subtracting sound, or simply taking a break from a perplexing problem. There are countless ways to conjure inspiration by combining any number of these phenomena or by singling them out. Creativity is highly dependent on an individual's approach, personality, mindset, and even the culture they grew up in. This proves the importance of considering the subject’s unique experience in conjunction with the research data collected.

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Does CBD Boost Creativity?

The conversation surrounding cannabis and creativity is generally reserved for the mind-altering THC cannabinoid, but many people wonder if the calmer, less psychoactive CBD boosts creativity. Again, there is no evidence to suggest that CBD is directly responsible for creative inspiration, but CBD may help give you that creative boost in a peripheral way. 

One of the myths about medical cannabis is that it has no measurable medicinal benefits, but CBD may help to alleviate inflammation. This would result in reducing pain as well as symptoms of other draining and distracting conditions. Enhancing the experience of a pain-free life can set the stage for how CBD may help boost creativity. Less pain naturally makes way for someone to be more open to inspiration and exploring creative endeavors. In general, alleviating pain can not only help you focus on other aspects of the world around you in a positive way, but it also helps people lead a more fulfilling life. So, when it comes to CBD and creativity, we must once again look at all of the aspects of a person’s life, not just the chemistry of an altered state.

Does Cannabis Make You Creative?

The best answer is, “it depends on the person.” Cannabis and creativity are synonymous for some who use it while others focus more on relieving pain and reducing the symptoms of chronic conditions. For most people, cannabis may not be a way to induce creativity so much as it’s a way to eliminate barriers to natural creative thought and expression.

If you are having trouble finding inspiration or enjoying your life as you should, speak to a qualified doctor about what options are available given your personal medical history.

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